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Why Choose Us?

Our portfolio is built on work we've done for you, creating potential clients for both us and you.

Fast Turnover

With your consistent input we can provide you with a fast turnover time on your project. So no more waiting in the dark and instead feel part of the creation of your project.


Gone are the days of begging and hoping your project will be done efficiently and in a professional manner. We at PolyDev Digital Solutions share a mutual trust with our clients.


When making your project a reality, we are not just creating a quality product for you but for all of us. We ensure we produce a service of the utmost quality and something to be proud of.

About Us

We provide the service of web design and development, as well as corporate branding at an affordable rate for small, new and young businesses, but not excluding large corporations. Our combined expertise include more than 30 years of design and development experience. Work include projects for a number of big clients operating locally and internationally.

Our Awesome Team

“A single voice cannot make a choir. A single tree cannot make a forest.” ― Ron Lizzi

Kathy - COO

Kathy Joel

Chief Operations Officer

A clean enviroment promotes a good spirit.

Torean - Web Developer

Torean Joel

JavaScript CodeNinja & Part-time Human

Rather than rights and wrongs, there should really only be techniques and options.

Bradford - Marketing Director

Bradford Smith

Lead Markerting & Sales Manager

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift, that's why it's called present.

Keshia - Director of Admin and Procurement

Keshia Smith

Director of Admin and Procurement

In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different

Keith - Chairman & Lead Graphic Designer

Keith Joel

Chairman & Lead Graphic Designer

What man percieves as problems are merely opportunities to solutions.

Stephen-John Jacobs - PHP Developer

Stephen-John Jacobs

PHP Developer & Full-time Tea Drinker
(Biscuits are optional)

Direction means nothing in a place where direction doesn't exist...

What We've Been Working On

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Music Matters

Guitar Tuition

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Fiona Clark

Bliss of Balance

Life Coaching

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Reboot Hangover

Over-indulgence aid

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Construction company and specialist subcontractor

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Mega co

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OASIS Nursing School

Oasis Nursing School

Nursing Training

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Medical Forum

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Rainbow Experiential Marketing

Rainbow Experiential

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i-designs. pro

Web Development Company

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Asset management Services

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Massage Parlour

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What we offer


from R 750 / won't exceed R1 500

perfect for startups

  • 1 page landing Page
  • HTML5 Premium Theme
  • Gallery/Portfolio Section
  • Contact Form (optional Google Map)
  • Responsive Design
  • SEO


R 5 000

perfect for established businesses

  • CMS Platform or HTML5
  • Premium CMS/HTML Themes
  • Logo Design
  • Free CMS Training
  • Unlimited pages through CMS
  • Blog
  • Responsive Design
  • SEO


From R 8 000

eCommerce world / Web Applications

  • CMS Platform or HTML5
  • Logo Design
  • Ecommerce ready
  • Graphics sourced where needed
  • Web application developent ready
  • Premium CMS/HTML Themes
  • Custom Development
  • Unlimited CMS Training
  • Unlimited pages CMS
  • Blog/Responsive Design/SEO/Hybrid

The clients can either supply their own graphics and images (photo's) that they would like to be used on the final site (this excludes any manipulation thereof unless if packages 2 -3 are taken), or we can source the graphics and images for them. These will either be CMS or static-based sites unless a web application was developed where it will be using real time databases to allow for live and dynamic applications. Anything out of the scope for the package (adding new functionality to the theme chosen for a website) or anything out of the scope of the agreed scope for applications will be billed at R250 p/h, this includes updates to current existing projects.

Note that we do not do app development, but rather app prototypes/sample pages. Then the client can take the sample/prototype to an app developer to complete the app.

Turnaround time will be relatively fast but for the actual speed/time of completion of projects will be governed by the input of the client.

Hosting will be arranged by the client, but we are willing to guide the client as to which service providers could be used. We would then liaise further with the service provider/s. Please note that hosting fees (monthly) and domain fees (annually) will be an agreement between the client and the preferred service provider and will not include any fees payable to or by PolyDev Digital Solutions Primary Cooperative Ltd.

In order for us to provide first class service, we deem it important that we meet with the client in person, and if needed, more than once so that the final product reflect the image of the client to all prospective customers. All the final details will be discussed at such a meeting which will also include discussion of e-mail setup, company branding, advertising, actual site performance and related points of discussion.

Remember the sky's the limit but even though most things will take longer than others, anything is possible with your patience and input!

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